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Your Trusted Bridge to Global Business Success Since 2013

sourcing top-quality products from China's market leaders

Elevate your procurement strategy across diverse industries in Bangladesh

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Responsibilities & Activities


Establishing Trustful Connections: Build and nurture strong, reliable ...


Establishing Trustful Connections: Build and nurture strong, reliable relationships between clients and suppliers in the business community.

Bridging Business Partnerships: Act as a mediator to facilitate smooth transactions and collaborations between various stakeholders.

Market Trust Accumulation: Focus on accumulating a healthy level of trust in the market, ensuring credibility and dependability in all business dealings.

Procurement Services: Offer comprehensive procurement services covering Sourcing, Payment Facilitation, Logistics, C&F (Clearing and Forwarding), and Warehousing.

Client and Supplier Support: Provide dedicated support and services to major industries, contractors, and traders in the region, ensuring their needs are met efficiently.

Global Material Sourcing: Engage in the trade of materials sourced from all corners of the world, broadening the scope of available resources.


Client-Supplier Liaison: Act as a liaison between clients and suppliers...


Client-Supplier Liaison: Act as a liaison between clients and suppliers, facilitating effective communication and ensuring both parties' needs are met.

Market Research and Analysis: Conduct in-depth market research and analysis to identify opportunities for business growth and expansion.

Payment Facilitation: Manage payment processes to ensure timely and secure transactions between clients and suppliers.

Logistics Coordination: Oversee and coordinate the logistics of goods, including transportation, storage, and distribution.

Clearing and Forwarding Services: Provide essential C&F services to streamline the import and export process, ensuring compliance with regulations.

Warehousing Management: Efficiently manage warehousing operations, including inventory management and order fulfillment.

Industry Engagement: Engage with major industries, contractors, and traders to understand their unique requirements and provide tailored solutions.

Global Sourcing Network: Leverage a global network to source materials from diverse locations, ensuring a wide range of options for clients.

Trust Building Initiatives: Implement strategies and practices to foster trust and credibility in the market, building a solid reputation for reliability.

Compliance and Regulation Adherence: Ensure strict adherence to industry regulations, customs procedures, and legal requirements in all procurement and logistics activities.

Continuous Improvement: Regularly assess and refine processes to enhance efficiency, effectiveness, and customer satisfaction.

Services We Offer


Sourcing a product through an experienced Chinese representative...


Sourcing a product through an experienced Chinese representative appointed by 3RT can offer several advantages.

Local Expertise and Knowledge:

The appointed representative likely has in-depth knowledge of the Chinese market, including suppliers, manufacturers, and industry trends. This expertise can help identify high-quality and reliable sources for your specific product.

Language and Cultural Proficiency:

Effective communication is crucial in any business transaction. Having a representative who is fluent in Chinese and familiar with local customs can help bridge potential language and cultural barriers, ensuring clear and efficient communication with suppliers.

Supplier Verification and Due Diligence:

The representative can conduct thorough background checks on potential suppliers. This includes assessing their reputation, production capabilities, quality control measures, and compliance with relevant industry standards.

Negotiation and Price Transparency:

A local representative is more likely to have a deep understanding of local pricing structures, market dynamics, and negotiation tactics. This can potentially lead to better pricing and terms for the sourced products.

Quality Control and Inspection:

The representative can oversee the production process and conduct quality checks before the products are shipped. This helps ensure that the products meet your specifications and quality standards.

Logistical Support:

Coordinating shipping, customs clearance, and other logistical aspects can be complex, especially when dealing with international suppliers. The representative can assist in streamlining these processes, potentially reducing lead times and minimizing potential issues.

Conflict Resolution:

In case of any disputes or issues with the supplier, having a local representative can expedite conflict resolution by leveraging their knowledge of local business practices and legal processes.

Risk Mitigation:

The representative can help identify and mitigate potential risks associated with sourcing from China. This includes regulatory compliance, intellectual property protection, and other legal considerations.

Overall, sourcing client products through an experienced Chinese representative appointed by 3RT can significantly enhance the efficiency, reliability, and success of the sourcing process. It leverages local expertise and resources to navigate the complexities of the Chinese market, ultimately leading to a more effective and successful procurement strategy.


Procuring a product through an experienced professional...


Procuring a product through an experienced professional representative in China, like 3RT, can offer several significant advantages for the client.

Local Expertise and Knowledge:

3RT, being based in China, has an in-depth understanding of the local market, culture, and business practices. This expertise can be invaluable in navigating complexities such as language barriers, regulatory requirements, and cultural nuances.

Supplier Verification and Quality Assurance:

3RT likely has an established network of reputable suppliers in China. They can conduct thorough due diligence, ensuring that the client's product is sourced from reliable and trustworthy manufacturers. This minimizes the risk of receiving subpar or counterfeit goods.

Negotiation Skills:

Experienced representatives are skilled negotiators. They can leverage their knowledge of local markets and business practices to secure favorable terms, including pricing, payment terms, and lead times.

Risk Mitigation:

China's business landscape can be challenging, especially for those unfamiliar with it. 3RT can help identify and mitigate potential risks, such as intellectual property concerns, supplier reliability issues, and other common pitfalls.

Communication and Relationship Management:

Effective communication is vital in international business dealings. With a representative like 3RT, language barriers are less likely to be a problem. They can facilitate clear and productive communication between the client and the suppliers.

Cost Efficiency:

While there may be a fee for the services of a representative like 3RT, the potential cost savings from efficient procurement, negotiation, and reduced risks can outweigh these expenses.

Time Savings:

Coordinating product procurement from a foreign country can be time-consuming and challenging. 3RT can take on these responsibilities, allowing the client to focus on other aspects of their business.

Access to a Network of Resources:

3RT likely has an established network of contacts, including manufacturers, logistics providers, and industry experts. This network can be leveraged to benefit the client in various aspects of product procurement.


Warehousing client products through 3RT (assuming 3RT is your...


Warehousing client products through 3RT (assuming 3RT is your company or service) offers several key advantages.

Efficient Air and Sea Shipment:

By having warehousing facilities in three different locations in China, you can strategically position inventory to optimize shipping routes. This allows for faster and more cost-effective transportation options for both air and sea shipments.

Mix Product Storage:

The ability to store a variety of products in one location is highly beneficial for businesses with diverse product lines. This ensures flexibility and accessibility, making it easier to fulfill customer orders promptly.

Short-Term Warehouse Rental:

Offering short-term warehouse rental options caters to businesses that may not require long-term storage solutions. This can be particularly appealing for seasonal or temporary businesses that need flexible storage arrangements.

Local Trucking Facilities:

Having warehousing in multiple locations in China allows for easy access to local trucking facilities. This means that the transition from warehousing to distribution within China can be seamless, ensuring timely delivery to end customers.

Reduced Transit Time:

Warehousing in three different locations means that products are stored closer to their final destinations. This reduces transit times, which is crucial for meeting customer expectations and maintaining a competitive edge in the market.

Mitigation of Supply Chain Disruptions:

Operating in multiple locations provides a level of redundancy in the supply chain. In the event of unforeseen circumstances or disruptions in one area, you can rely on the other locations to continue operations.

Cost-Effective Inventory Management:

By strategically placing inventory in different locations, you can optimize your supply chain and reduce overall logistics costs. This includes minimizing shipping expenses and avoiding excessive inventory carrying costs.

Market Expansion Opportunities:

Having warehousing facilities in multiple locations allows for easier market expansion. You can quickly adapt to changing market demands and explore new regions without major logistical hurdles.

Customized Solutions:

The ability to offer mix product storage and short-term rental options demonstrates a willingness to accommodate diverse business needs. This can attract a wider range of clients, including those with unique storage requirements.


Client benefit logistics support can be highly effective through 3RT...


Client benefit logistics support can be highly effective through 3RT (Sea, Air, Rail, and Road Transportation) for several reasons.

Diverse Transportation Options: 3RT provides a wide range of transportation options, including sea, air, rail, and road. This flexibility allows for tailored logistics solutions based on the specific needs, budget, and timeline of the client.

Reduced Lead Times:

Sea and air freight are typically faster than traditional road or rail transportation. By leveraging a combination of these modes through 3RT, you can optimize the supply chain to reduce lead times, ensuring that products reach their destination in a timely manner.

Cost Efficiency:

By strategically utilizing different modes of transportation, you can find the most cost-effective routes for your shipments. For instance, sea freight may be more economical for bulk shipments, while air freight can be used for urgent or high-value goods.

Risk Mitigation:

Diversifying transportation modes can help mitigate risks associated with unforeseen events like natural disasters, strikes, or geopolitical issues. If one mode encounters a disruption, alternative options can be employed to keep the supply chain flowing.

Global Reach:

The combination of sea, air, rail, and road transportation allows for seamless international logistics. This means you can access a broader market and establish a global presence, ultimately benefiting small enterprises looking to expand their reach.

Customized Solutions:

3RT enables the creation of customized logistics solutions tailored to the unique needs of each client. This can include multi-modal transportation plans, warehousing solutions, and value-added services such as packaging, labeling, and quality checks.

Sustainability and Environmental Considerations:

By incorporating multiple modes of transportation, it's possible to optimize routes for reduced environmental impact. For example, utilizing rail for long-haul journeys can be more eco-friendly compared to exclusively relying on road transport.

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction:

Reduced lead times, reliable delivery, and cost-effective transportation options contribute to a positive customer experience. This can lead to increased customer satisfaction, loyalty, and potential referrals.

3rd-country logistics

Being based in Bangladesh, you have the opportunity to connect with...

3rd-country logistics

Being based in Bangladesh, you have the opportunity to connect with various sources in China to facilitate export services for a wide range of products.

Factory Visit

Clients can reach out to us to access a comprehensive suite of services...

Factory Visit

Clients can reach out to us to access a comprehensive suite of services, including product sourcing, factory visits, production oversight, and product quality verification, all of which are time-consuming but essential steps in the process.

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